We bring tough concepts to life.

From nature, the environment, conservation, science, to technology,
we organize facts to tell a good story, send a clear message, and
leave a memorable impression.

Breeze Communications

Hello. Welcome to Breeze Communication Arts. We are designer Susan Kaneko Binkley and writer Greg Breining. Together, we can fine-tune your written and graphic communication for your demographic. We’ve worked this way for over 15 years, beginning with a small cult brand, the magazine Minnesota Conservation Volunteer.

Find the nut, reveal the kernel. Of truth, that is. That’s what we gleaned from writing and designing articles about wildlife, science, and the outdoors. Among all your facts and details, is your story. We can help you find it, sculpt and refine it to resonate with your audience, and claim it as the story that becomes your unique brand.

Your brand has no equal. It’s your message, your credibility, your reputation, your
connection to your target audience—
the essential you. We’ll make sure your brand successfully tells your story, reflects your values, and makes you stand out from the crowd. Keep it sterling for your following—
we’ll help put the shine on it.